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Hello and thanks for visiting the Phred Phlegm and the Spit-Tunes web site, you sexy thing ... This site best viewed with ice-cold malt beverages at your side and 80s power pop throbbing from your speakers ... Like the site? You'll like the video! On the last page of this site is a shameless come-on to buy an amateurish, incomplete, mediocre-quality but thoroughly fun bootleg video of a late-era Spit-Tunes show. High response will also lead me to invest in T-shirts and bumper stickers to sell. All proceeds will go to maintain and, hopefully, expand this site ... When in Whitewater, visit the beautiful College Pub, even though the place ain't the same now that Don Youngman has sold it. Still, the memories in that place will echo forever .. Rock on, Palmyra!