From The University of Wisconsin- Whitewater student newspaper
By Gerry Valance
The Royal Purple
Rock pantomime, new wave mimics, air guitar, Phred Phlegm and the Spit-Tunes and $280.
Those terms were associated with playing invisible instruments and singing into invisible microphones.
However, what was visible last Wednesday in the University Center were seven talented groups competing for a $100 prize. Hosting the unusual event was a madcap band of actors: Phred Phlegm and the Spit-Tunes.
The contest, a brainchild of four Publicity Media and Campaign class students, was a benefit for the Rollin' Warhawks basketball team. With Phred Phlegm donating his band's services and a $1 admission charge, the students raised $280.
But why did the crowd come?
The answer: the talent of Phred Phlegm and his Spit-Tunes. Phlegm is the premiere southeastern Wisconsin rock pantomime master. His credits extend from winning a contest at The Palms in Milwaukee to placing second at Summerfest in front of a crowd of nearly 15,000.
Phlegm, who began his musical career at The College Pub, provided all the inspiration the local bands needed to compete in Wednesday's contest -- joined by his band members, drummer Denny "The Rod" Stewart, keyboardist Astin Spumante, bassist "Smooth" Avery Francis and lead guitarists Dougie Wadd and Norton.
Wadd used connections to get the band its first gig at the College Pub, where the Spit-Tunes are now the house band.
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